February 21, 2012

Business Communication: (Sample) Banking Letters

Banking Diploma Courses in Bangladesh under The Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh(IBB)
Business Communications-JAIBB Sample: Banking Letters-1

A customer has complained to the Bank that a cheque issued by him has been dishonored in spite of sufficient balance in his account. Draft a suitable reply in the light of the fact that the mistake was committed by one of the members on your staff.

Agrabad Branch
18th May 200..
Mr.  S. A. Karim
24 Mohan Nagar

Dear Sir,

Re: Dishonour of Cheque No. 2133678

We have received your letter dated 14th May. We sincerely apologies for the wrongful dishonour of the cheque No. 2133678 for the Tk. 5000.00 and the inconvenience caused to you thereby.

If you look into the counterfoils of your cheque book, you will notice that you had issued a post-dated bearer cheque for Tk. 2500.00 in the name of Mr. Ghulam Mustafabefore issuing cheque No. 2133678. It was dated 15th, May but was presented at the counter and paid by over-sight, on 12th May, reducing the balance in your account to Tk. 4000.00. Hence when the cheque for Tk. 5000 was presented to the Bank on 13th May, it was returned with the reason ‘insufficient funds’ marked on it.We realize that such a mistake should not have been committed.  The staff member responsible for it has been cautioned an we assure you that such a mistake will not recur in future. We notice that some cheques deposited by you having een cleared in the meanwhile, there is sufficient balance in your account to cover TK. 5000.00. You may request Mr. Ghulm Mustafa to present the cheque again to us.

We highly esteem your association with the Bank and assure you of our co-operation at all times.

Yours faithfully,

Mohammad Azeem