April 29, 2012

Accounting for Financial Services:Depreciation

Banking Diploma Courses in Bangladesh under The Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh(IBB)
Accounting for Financial Services-JAIBB

Question:  November 2009/ November 2010
Problem : X Company Limited purchase a machinery Tk. 5,10,000.00 on January 2000. Useful Life time is 5 Years, Scrap value Tk. 10,000.00, during year 2000 working hours were 2000 and production units were 15000. Total Estimated working hours is 25000 and Estimated units is 2, 00,000.

 Calculate depreciation for the year 2001 and each of the following methods:

  1. Straight line method
  2. Working hour method
  3. Sum of year digit method
  4. Declining Balance method
  5. Units of output method



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