April 17, 2012

Marketing of Financial Services: Consumer behaviour in marketing management.

Banking Diploma Courses in Bangladesh under The Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (IBB)
  Marketing of Financial Services-JAIBB
A.  Consumer behaviour in marketing management :

1.  Situation analysis :
(a)  Consumer / Market behaviour :
(b)  Internal / Company factors :
(c)  Competitive factors :

2.  Marketing strategy :
(a)  Market segmentation :
(b)  Product differentiation :
(c)  Innovation :
(d)  Achieving greater sales volume to present customers :
(e)  Gaining supply or distribution leverage :
(f)  Diversifying into new market :

3.  Marketing program :
(a)  Product decision :
(b)  Price decision :
(c)  Distribution decision :
(d)  Promotion decision :

B.  Role of consumer behaviour in the design of marketing program,

C.  Consumer research process :
1.  Developing research objectives :
2.  Collection secondary data :
3.  Designing primary research :

(a).  Quantitative research design  :
(i)  Observational research  :
(ii)  Experimental  :
(iii)  Surveys :

(b)  Quantitative research data collection instruments :
(i)  Questionnaire :
(ii)  Attitude scales :

(c).  Qualitative research design and data collection :
(i)  Depth interviews :
(ii)  Focus groups :
(iii)  Projective techniques  :
(iv)  Metaphor analysis  :

(d)  Consumer satisfaction measurement :
(i)  Consumer satisfaction survey :
(ii)  Mystery shopper :
(iii)  Complain analysis :

(e)  Sampling and data collection :
(i)  Sample :
(ii)  Probability sample :
(iii)  Non probability sample :

4.  Data analysis and reporting research findings :

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